PS 5 is here, the best gaming device for those who seek an ultimate gaming experience. This upgrade is a revamp of everything you know or imagined about Play station. They have 2 series coming out; Play station 5 ($499 with Ultra HD Blu-Ray Disc Drive) and Play station digital edition ($399 ). They come with the new look, new games, new features and technologies.

The look of PS5 is totally shifted from black to a white futuristic game box. This is a huge step up for Play station, they adapt to the idea of new way of living. The white color is more minimalistic and less intense in terms of home decoration. Although, the Play station 5 digital edition is slightly slimmer than Play Station 5, due to the Disc carrier. The approximate size is 160 mmx66mmx106mm.

The upgrades of PS5 is super dope; undeniably the best development to enchanted the best gaming time for all gamers.

Fast as thunderbolt with the powerful upgraded in CPU, GPU and SSD. Special design to Inter grated I/O with the new console.

Ultra-High Speed SSD no time for a game download and let you have more time to play your game.

Intergrated I/O the never-before improved gaming technology in PS5 that developed for the highest data transfer speed, let you play the game seamlessly.

Play Station 5 Have good specifications And has high abilities

Technologies in PS5 accessories are so powerful and thoughtful. Every improvements are on pointed with every pain-point we have face. The dual sense wireless controller that comes with PS5; keep it real with the touch stimulation and dynamic effffect trigger. You will feel every bit of game effffects in the touch of your hands. These controller also comes with the build-in microphone and create button which makes it super outstanding and easy to control. The charging station for the wireless controller are also separated from the Play station 5 device. Not to mention, The wireless Headset, PULSE 3D the technology that let you play the game with the best 3D sound system and dual build in microphone. You can charge it with your favorite fast Type-C charger. The PS5 headset also comes with noise cancellation technology, this feature will ensure your game time would not be interrupted and a clearer voice from your team members. The media remote that goes with the design of white PS5 box, a click away to control you streaming, change movies and easily access to your PS5 console. Last but not least, as you know the last couple version of the Play Stations are coming with a camera. This time they also have a full-HD camera, this feature is to support your video recorder and game live stream.

Game that comes with Play Station are the talk right now. And with its newly upgrades on visual systems; you will just blown away when you play these games; ray tracing technology for the real lighting reflflection results with the clearer picture.

Top 5 games only on Play Station

Marvel’s Spider-man: Miles Morales

Marvel’s Spider-man: Miles Morales

As we all know Marvel from the last season is legit. But this time, there will be no more Peter Parker. It is now time for Miles Morales. For PS5, this may not be the full episode but it is more like a side chapter. It comes with superb visual from new upgrade ray tracing technologies in PS5. The storyline is not that long so it comes with quests, missions and do small things to collect new skills as usual. This time will have lots of small tasks rather than a big boss mission. Though, the sound and visual are something that you have to play and feel it for yourself. The overall experience is defifinitely more modern, with the new character. Miles is more energetic and more fun so it adds more lively feeling to the game. The soundtrack is amazing, it is young and fresh. It seems to mimic from the recent animation version of Spiderman; mood, tone, feeling are pretty much the same except from storyline that is kinda carry on from the previous one. So if you like the movie, you should enjoy this one!

Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West

For those who like the feeling of nature with adventurous mind would not want to miss this game. The continued episode from Zero dawn, PS5 will give you amused with perfect visual and effffect. In this season, Aloy (main character) is traveling to the West, as the trailer shows the golden gate, San Francisco. The open map underwater is really beautiful just to look at. Every scene in this game I would say very delicate as it gives the feeling like you traveling in this fantasy world with your PS5 wireless controller. While, you play along you will unlock to many more new map and I would say the map for this season might be a lot bigger than the previous ones. It means you will be able to explore more and to ensure that the value you pay worth every penny.

Resident Evil 8 : Village

When we think about Play station, Resident evil will be one of the game in our mind. The action and surprise scene in this game are always what we are waiting for. This season the set up will be in the village. The story line starts with the character, Ethan Winters who his daughter has been kidnapped so he has to help her. Resident Evil plays as the fifirst person perspective as always. Resident Evil 8 for PS5 will be fifilling with mixed surprise story; from witches, giants to zombies though you would not imagine. You have to be prepared to all tasks such as extra objectives, harder puzzle missions, trapped and unique skills in each evil you are fifighting with. Though, it is safe to say, you will have to think and adapt to strategies most of the time in order to survive. The diffiffifficulties are also come with help, they are giving you back a better fifirst aid slot with more items you can carry with, and also the help from one of the character in the village (who you can fifind by exploring the village), he will be the one help selling you things need to complete missions. Nonetheless, The upgrade for PS5 is lighting and visual, from the improvement on ray tracing will give more depth to the video in many dark scene in the game. The effffect is not only give you more authentic feel but also improve vision for you to play, making you see the surrounding in the game more clearer as well.Play Station 5 is generous enough for those who is waiting for the release of the game in May 2021, can download the demo version to play. ‘Maiden’ is the name of this chapter. The story is nothing relate to the real one (available to download for PS5). It will narrate from the difffferent character who has the mission to escape the dungeon.


Pragmata means the transcendent realities, noetic entities, real beings. This is a very mystery word already. We are not actually know what is game is about. But for all the gammers, this game are sure fascinating. One thing we can ensure is Play Station will not disappoint us. This game will be coming to PS5 in 2022. People is starting to take a guess about what it is going to be. The storyline is really interesting, the set-up is like in the Utopia mixed with space satellite scene. It has got people hype already. The visual and storyline are just full of twists from the trailer, though hopefully the wait should be soon enough.


PS5 has announced the new sci-fifi action shooter game for 2021, ‘Returnal’. This is another solo narrator game from Play Station. The storyline is dive into the mind of Selene (main character). An Astra space scout who is trapped in the loop and crashing on to a planet, and need to survive in the planet. The overall of the game is quite fast pace and a lot of action combats. This game is developed from arcade game, so it will still carry that elements of that. This game is for people who love the shooting with psychological horror with huge effffects and big explosion. Therefore, the features of PS5 would be a huge help; from the haptic, adaptive trigger and stimulations will give more awareness to the players. This will also help all the gammers to keep pace with the game. Many tricks are introduces such as squeeze the half way to aim and shoot. Although, they will more for us to explore the tricks. Anyway, after all we are all can not wait to have a try for this game on PS5.

Play Station 5 is going to be epic, so get your device and gear now so we can explore the world of PS5 instead of going out into the world of pandemic. Stay home. Stay safe. Stay with PS5 everyone!